Let My People Go Surfing

This book has caused me to think about the very important questions: why am I in business? Who are we serving? Where do we see ourselves in 100 years? Questions I knew were important. But I didn’t realize the importance of prioritizing re-answering these questions often.

There are many similarities to Cradle to Cradle in philosophies which I love! Common themes: Be thoughtful in every decision. Do your due diligence. Simple points that I think if all companies did we would be a lot further in all of our sustainability strategies.

A recurring theme within in the book addressed consumption. One of the core issues of our resource crisis. I’m taking this note seriously because I want to be in the business of reducing consumption without reducing consumption. Our economy sits on the back of growth so this is a great challenge, but I want to be a part of solutions that address responsible consumption and education because these are keys to our future survival.

Yvon addresses production styles and how the waterfall method of decision making slows you down. It’s a reminder to keep going in this style of operations because Patagonia is yet another example of how it just works! He also calls it concurrent vs. agile. Did agile catch on because it was a simple almost trendy word?

In short, if you are leading any size organization - you need to read this book! It will make you sure of your why and give you the framework you need to execute!